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Turbofan VH35-30 Ventless Condensing Hood

Model Number
W: 918mm D: 1144mm H: 364mm
Volume: 0.6m3
Packed Weight: 89kg
Product Features
  • Ventless oven hood for E35D and E35T - removes need for installation Canopy or ducted oven hood
  • Single phase connection
  • Oven interlocked operation
  • Low speed automatic 2 speed extraction fan
  • 3 stage filters: Grease baffle filter (removable), Mesh particle filter (removable), Charcoal odor filter (replaceable)
  • Condensing heat exchanger - reduces heat emissions
  • Self contained condensate collection pan - no connection to waste drain required
  • VHIK35 Installation Kit supplied (requires mechanical and electrical field assembly and connection of VH35 Hood to E35D/E35T Oven)