Commercial Catering & Bakery Equipment

New space to serve – now you can think differently

Ventless cook and bake where you want.

Turbofan now has the added flexibility when space is a premium – go ventless and add a hood on top of your oven.

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turbofan ventless

Every chef can use a little more heat

Blue Seal Evolution Gas Cooktops

Blue Seal delivers an impressive 28MJ of open burner power - giving you more heat so you can get the big jobs done faster. All Blue Seal cooktop includes flame failure protection and warranty for a peace of mind. It’s the perfect companion in any fast pace kitchens.

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blue seal evolution gas cooktops give you more heat

Elevate your food game with the all new Waldorf and Blue Seal Evolution Electric range

Experience the evolution and start your electric journey now!

Our advanced electric models offer power and functionalities. Begin your electric cooking journey with our latest range today.

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waldrof blue seal evolution electric seal hob

Need the inspiration to put a new twist on staple dishes?

Get the freedom to cook a wide range of dishes with a Waldorf griddle!

The versatile Waldorf griddle is your go-to choice of commercial kitchen equipment. Check out 3 ways how a griddle can help add new twists on old favourites.

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waldorf griddle