Commercial Catering & Bakery Equipment

Let's talk about beef and how to chargrill

It’s a staple dish in many of our restaurants

We all know a thing or two about steak. So, when it comes to creating the perfect chargrilled steak, which commercial cooking equipment yields the tastiest results?

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waldorf blue seal chargrills

Expand your kitchen capabilities with these quick wins

Find out the best way to bridge the gap and stay ahead

Many eateries and restaurants are finding the need to recalibrate their kitchens to keep up with the demands. Let Moffat show you how!

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Space saver solutions from Turbofan

How you can you grow your business

Turbofan’s system can be a great addition to your existing setup to take your business to the next level.

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space saver solution from Turbofan

Every chef can use a little more heat

Blue Seal Evolution Gas Cooktops

Blue Seal delivers an impressive 28MJ of open burner power - giving you more heat so you can get the big jobs done faster. All Blue Seal cooktop includes flame failure protection and warranty for a peace of mind. It’s the perfect companion in any fast pace kitchens.

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blue seal evolution gas cooktops give you more heat