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Hot Holding Equipment

Turbofan EHT10-L - 10 Tray 1/1 GN Electric Undercounter Touch Screen Extended Hot Holding Cabinet

Model Number
W: 610mm D: 680mm H: 1015mm
Volume: 0.71m3
Packed Weight: 122kg
Product Features
  • Designed for individual use or installed w Turbofan E33 Convection Ovens
  • 10 x 1/1 GN pan capacity
  • 74mm tray spacing
  • Compact 610mm / 24" width
  • 220-240V 10A plug-in cordset fitted
  • 1600W cabinet heating
  • 600W heat humidification water tank
  • Low velocity circulation fan system
  • Electronic humidity tank temperature control
  • Full double skin construction
  • Touch Screen Control with icon driven program menu
  • Individual shelf timers
  • Autofill water tank system with optional integrated water filter kit
  • Dual LED halogen cabinet interior lamps
  • IIncluding Two 5" / 145mm rear standoffs and 3M Cuno water filter kit complete with cartridge and connection fittings with 1/1 GN non-stick wire baskets as optional accessories